Feed in Tariffs in Bulgaria

Bulgaria fixes the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) on a yearly basis, on the 30th June each year. The current FiT entered into force from July 1st 2011 and will expire on July 1st 2012.

Solar PV Feed-in Tariff

The current (2011-2012) feed-in tariff for the purchase of electricity from photovoltaic plants is as follows:

  • For Plants to 30 kWp, constructed on roofs and facades - 605.23 BGN/MWh (309.45EUR/MWh)
  • For Plants over 30 kWp to 200 kWp, constructed on roofs and facades - 596.50 BGN/MWh (304.99EUR/MWh)
  • For Plants over 200 kWp to 1 000 kWp, constructed on roofs and facades - 583.77 BGN/MWh (298.48EUR/MWh)
  • For Plants to 30 kWp - 576.50 BGN/MWh (294.76EUR/MWh)
  • For Plants over 30 kWp to 200 kWp - 567.41 BGN/MWh (290.11EUR/MWh)
  • For Plants over 200 kWp - 485.60 BGN/MWh (248.28EUR/MWh)
  • According to the arrangements between Bulgaria and EU, by 2020 16% of the power consumption must be produced from renewable energy. 

The tariff from July 1st 2012 should be announced by the start of April 2012, and is widely expected to have around a 20% drop for ground mounted plants due to the drop in costs of solar panels over the previous year. Due to the greater enthusiasm for rooftop projects to facilitate multiple land usage, it is not expected that the drop in tariff for roof mounted projects will be as high.


Wind Energy Feed-in Tariff

The current wind energy FiT is as follows:

  • New systems with an efficiency of up to 2,250 earned hours: BGN191/MWh (EUR97.7/MWh)
  • New systems whose efficiency exceeds 2,250 earned hours: BGN173/MWh (EUR88.5/MWh)
  • Systems and plants that are not covered by this definition: BGN137/MWh (EUR70.1/MWh)

Due to the higher competitive nature of wind energy production, and current low tariffs, this is not expected to change significantly in the coming few years without significant advancements in technology.


Biomass Feed-in Tariff

The current FiT for Bulgaria is dependent on the type of fuel, and a very good rate, due to the fact there is little biomass development currently in the country. The current tariff is as follows:

  • Depending on the type of fuel: BNG 186 - 255MWh (EUR95.1 – 130.4/MWh)

It is unclear what changes will be made to this tariff as more biomass facilities are developed.

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