The Economy in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a stable economic outlook, currency, and tax benefits over many other European countries. Some of the macroeconomic advantages include:

  • Stable currency - pegged to the Euro.
  • Stable growth rate, even during the euro-zone financial crisis.
  • Investment grade credit rating.
  • Low level of national debt.

Bulgaria is also committed to encourage investment both internally and from abroad by offering attractive tax levels - indeed they are currently the most favourable in the EU, and the government has publicly stated in February 2012 they have no intention to change this situation in the coming years:

  • 10% flat income tax rate.
  • 10% rate of corporate income tax.
  • Incentives for manufacturing activities in high unemployment municipalities.
  • No restrictions on after-tax repatriation of profits.

Other general business factors which point to a great advantage for investing in Bulgaria include a skilled and multi-lingual workforce, whilst offering the most competitive wage levels in the EU. This, coupled with low land and building costs mean the lowest operational costs in Europe.

Many young, well educated Bulgarians leave the country currently due to the lack of job opportunities - by investing in Bulgaria, this trend can be reversed, keeping many of these highly qualified and motivated young adults at home to help contribute to their own country's wellbeing and success.

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