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solar investments

There is great scope for small scale investment in the current market - With the largest projects being taken by international investment funds and large scale energy producers, there is still great opportunity to invest in the industry with small and medium scale solar developments. Balkan Green Energy can arrange for investments from as little as 20k euro, with an expected return on investment of at least 9.7% for 20 years based on government and EU guarantees. We can even offer a buy-back option to purchase your project share after 3 or 5 years to free up your capital and reduce the risk of committing your investment capital to a foreign market over a long term.

How does this work?

Balkan Green Energy have a number of small scale solar developments in need of around 30% of the capital investment, to then arrange the remaining funding through a mainstream debt financing source. Your investment will be assigned to a project, the project will be completed by us, and the fully operating solar plant will then be managed and maintained, with the income received quarterly from the local energy company. We will manage the repayments of the debt financing, and the payment of the profit share to the investors. Your investment can be of any amount over 20k euro, and either focused on one project, or split across a number of different projects if you prefer. We also have options for projects in Greece and Romania if you wish to diversify further.

Returns are calculated on a project by project basis, but we anticipate a yearly income of 10-12% of your original investment amount, whilst also being index linked in accordance with the index linking of the electricity tariffs. You can rest assured that the solar project income is guaranteed by not only the government, but also by the European Union.

Get in touch with Balkan Green Energy if you wish to to find out more about our profitable and socially responsible solar PV investments.

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