Project Construction

solar project constructionBalkan Green Energy work with a number of both small and large scale solar construction firms on either an EPC or non-EPC basis. We can provide the right contractor for any size of project from just a few hundred kW up to 100MW or more. Our larger EPC contractors are backed by international investment grade parent companies, so you can be assured we will deliver your project on time.

For smaller projects we can source local EPC contractors, or even guarantee the delivery ourselves using local construction firms whilst providing the electrical engineering know-how ourselves at a much reduced cost.

Whatever the size of solar plant, and whatever the deadline, we can ensure there are no problems with your solar PV investment in the Balkan region.

Technical Documentation

technical drawingHaving been involved in over 15MW of technical development, design and licencing over 5 different projects already in Bulgaria, and with contacts in all 3 local energy offtakers, we are ideally placed to aid the ongoing development of your project to ensure there are no problems with the licences and permits, and the efficient design of the project to maximize the terrain and minimize the losses.

Correct technical documentation at the planning stage is essential to avoid delays when applying for the connection licences and permits.

Some of the documentation and design we can provide for the planning and development phases of projects include:

  • Terrain Audits
  • Solar Audits
  • Yield Forecasts
  • Electrical Schematics
  • Design and Equipment review
  • System optimization
  • Proforma EPC offers

Project Acquisition

solar project in bulgariaBalkan Green Energy have a large network of contacts in the renewable energy field due to over 3 years experience in the fledgling solar industry in Bulgaria, many more years of experience in the field of energy production in general, and some close cooperation with agents in Greece and Romania. The Balkan region is ideal for solar investment, with very low costs of land and labour, and some of the best sunlight hours in Europe - however this doesn't mean you can build a solar installation anywhere - factors such as terrain, land usage and distance to the nearest grid connection with available capacity all need to be taken into account.

Land Acquisition

As a very early project start point, we are able to carry out identification of the correct piece of land, setting up an SPV, acquiring the land, changing land status, regulation, obtaining planning permits, ecology permits, and then applying for a preliminary licence. However we currently feel that this is a long and unneccessary process as there are a large number of licenced or semi-licenced projects available to purchase - cutting down on the time needed to realise a successful solar enterprise.

Shovel-ready or awaiting licences

If you need us to source a project at either preliminary stages of development, or shovel ready projects, we can find the project to suit your needs. We can obtain all relevant permits and produce the technical plans for any size of solar plant.

We are also able to find funding for up to 80% of the construction cost of the project from a number of different sources.

Grid-connected projects

Many project owners have a short term exit strategy - this means there are many projects for sale which are complete, and fully grid connected, with a guaranteed tariff for the next 15 to 20 years. We can identify suitable projects which are for sale, and aid in the purchase for a mutually agreeable price.

Legal Information